Fairbanks, Alaska

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Autonomous Weather Station Development

Long Haul  VHF/UHF Communications

Radio Repeaters For Business Communications

Durable, efficient and intelligent autonomous radio systems individually designed and built for your remote communication needs.

Remote Field Communications Advice

Military / HF / VHF Radio Training (Army MARS)

Portable Radio Systems

15 Years Experience with Tactical Radio Systems

My previous geology career path placed me in a position where I design, build and install HF / VHF / UHF tactical radio and radio repeater systems for use in remote mineral exploration communication locations.

ArmyMARSTraining1Capture.JPG IMG_3596.JPG

Long distance VHF / UHF communication analysis, recommendations and equipment installation.

Site specific weather station design. Powered year around by solar.

Confused about how to get your remote communication done.  I can help guide you and advise you.

I work with and advise the US Army 1st Stryker Brigade Combat team, the 59th US Army Signal Battalion and the US  Coast Guard.  I can help you too.

I design and build completely portable business radio systems for use under adverse field conditions for mineral exploration.