Fairbanks, Alaska

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I semi-retired n March 2020. My snow plowing, landscaping and excavation services are things I do to keep myself occupied as well as generate cash. I thoroughly enjoy operating equipment and you will see that attitude in the work I do for you. I will do the best job I can and at a price that is fair to both of us.

I am a very active amateur radio operator specializing in training and helping the US military in radio communications. I operate amateur radio as a experimental medium for studying Alaska physics, space weather, solar events, propagation and science in general.

45 year Alaskan resident, military veteran and Fairbanks small business owner

Solar events shape our life, our climate and our planet. Especially here in Alaska where Coronal Mass Ejection events disrupt the upper ionosphere and create our amazing aurora.

Ham Radio as a Science

An array of antennas, HF radio frequencies and modes can lead you down a scientific discovery path to entirely new worlds.