Fairbanks, Alaska

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Tactical Radio Systems

To help you get around, up or over your remote communciation obstacles.  Radio repeaters, placement analysis, FCC license help and  autonomous hands-off communication solutions for your business.

Small project landscaping and excavation services.  Culvert install, driveway cleanup or expansion and smoothing, raw property development, springtime snow removal, etc...

After hours / weekend snow plowing.  Small driveway @$50, Long driveway @$100.  Anything larger @ $120/hr.

I  have a 14 foot / 10 ton hydraulic dump trailer and can provide hauling services for Rock, Gravel or Fill dirt.  I am interested in casual hauling – for instance after hours or on weekends.  East Fairbanks locations/households work better for me.

I am available for casual material  hauling with my  hydraulic dump trailer.  Rock, Gravel, Fill dirt.  East Fairbanks preference.

Casual Snow Plowing

Landscape / Excavation Services


Summer-Time Is Coming

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